Accessibility Statement

Organizing 2.0 endeavors to make our events affordable, easy to attend, and accessible to all. Many free registrations are given out, along with discount tickets for groups asking for them. If this applies to you, please email us at conference @

We have two kinds of content at this year’s virtual event: regular sessions and plenaries. The plenaries will have live professional captioning in place, visible inside the conference platform (Hopin). Automated captioning exists for all other sessions upon request at the start of each session (or during the break beforehand.) If you need to request captions, please notify us at the start of the session and you’ll receive a redirect to the platform for automated captions. Those requesting the caption link will not have to identify themselves to anyone but our staff.

This solution was chosen after looking at various options and testing them out. We know that other conference platforms have better systems that would not require a secondary link; we did not use those as the cost would have been prohibitive.

We will be communicating with registered attendees and speakers about our solution directly. We also will have tech moderators in every session specifically to help address accessibility needs that may arise during the event.

We recognize that sharing this information earlier would have been better. We knew at all times that captions would be provided for most sessions, but we weren’t able to nail down the specifics of how we would do that until recently.

At an internal training for speakers, someone incorrectly stated that there would not be captions for all sessions, and this information was inaccurate. That’s on us, and we’re doing what we can to ensure that everyone who needs captioning will have access to it—and that our attendees know how to request assistance if they need it.

Organizing 2.0 is an annual event put together by a small crew that comes together a few weeks before the event. We do our best to put together an event that represents the diversity of our movements. If you have concerns or feedback, reach out to us at conference @